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It's a simple blog system built with Django.


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  • Markdown support
  • Simple design system (everything is in their own html templates for ease of editing)
  • Built in Python with Django
  • Lightweight

Set up Process

If you would like to change the default theme, edit the files in avocado/templates/.

Open avocado/ and edit the following variables:

  • SECRET_KEY to something random. Keep it secret!
  • BLOG_TITLE to whatever you want to call your blog.
  • BLOG_DESC to a short description of your blog.
  • COPYRIGHT to the current year and your name. Keep blank to remove the copyright.
  • TWTTR_LNK to whatever your Twitter username is.
  • GITHUB_LNK to whatever your GitHub username is.
  • FB_LNK to whatever your Facebook username is.
  • REDDIT_LNK to whatever your Reddit username is.

Once you're done with the tasks above you're going to want to go read how to put a Django project in production. Note :- Personally I just throw it in a screen session and forget about it - there's some other ways, but that's the quickest I've found. :)

Please Note

  • Avocado is written in Python, not PHP!
  • We're not a team of 100,000 developers so the code is rather clean and simple.

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to Avocado, see for a list of the current tasks. I don't think it's necessary to make a full code of conduct on style of code etc; just write good clean code. See for some basic guidelines.