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Text & Graphics BIOS library
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Text & Graphics BIOS library

What is it?

A library that helps you write assembler code for BIOS.
It includes bootloader, functions and macros for printing strings, managing keyboard, drawing ASCII pictures, timers etc.

How to use it?

Copy the lib/ folder to your project's one and don't forget to set the -i "lib/" flag for NASM. Then take a look at the examples.
Also you may check project wiki.
Moreover, TGBL has a tool for drawing ASCII-pictures.

Building sample program and running

Cd into any example, then:

  • $ make to get a binary
  • $ make run to build and launch QEMU
  • # dd if=%binary name% of=%device name% bs=512 to write a binary to device

Running from emulator

TGBL was tested on QEMU.


  • nasm
  • QEMU (to test your programs)
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