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GPFS Prometheus exporter

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GPFS Prometheus exporter

The GPFS exporter collects metrics from the GPFS filesystem. The exporter supports the /metrics endpoint to gather GPFS metrics and metrics about the exporter.


Collectors are enabled or disabled via --collector.<name> and --no-collector.<name> flags.

Name Description Default
mmgetstate Collect state via mmgetstate Enabled
mmpmon Collect metrics from mmpmon using fs_io_s Enabled
mount Check status of GPFS mounts. Enabled
config Collect configs via 'mmdiag --config' Enabled
verbs Test if GPFS is using verbs interface Disabled
mmhealth Test node health through mmhealth Disabled
waiter Collect waiters via 'mmdiag --waiters' Disabled
mmdf Collect filesystem space for inodes, block and metadata. Disabled
mmces Collect state of CES Disabled
mmrepquota Collect fileset quota information Disabled
mmlssnapshot Collect GPFS snapshot information Disabled
mmlsfileset Collect GPFS fileset information Disabled


The default behavior of the mount collector is to collect mount statuses on GPFS mounts in /proc/mounts or /etc/fstab. The --collector.mount.mounts flag can be used to adjust which mount points to check.


The waiter's seconds are stored in Histogram buckets defined by --collector.waiter.buckets which is a comma separated list of durations that are converted to seconds so 1s,5s,30s,1m would have buckets of []float64{1,5,30,60}.

The flag --collector.waiter.exclude defines a regular expression of waiter names to exclude.

The flag --collector.waiter.log-reason can enable logging of waiter reasons. The reason can produce very high cardinality so it is not included in metrics.


Due to the time it can take to execute mmdf that is an executable provided that can be used to collect mmdf via cron. See gpfs_mmdf_exporter.


  • --output - This is expected to be a path collected by the Prometheus node_exporter textfile collector
  • --collector.mmdf.filesystems - A comma separated list of filesystems to collect. Default is to collect all filesystems listed by mmlsfs.


The command used to collect CES states needs a specific node name. The --collector.mmces.nodename flag can be used to specify which CES node to check. The default is FQDN of those running the exporter.


  • --collector.mmrepquota.filesystems - A comma separated list of filesystems to collect. Default is to collect all filesystems.


  • --collector.mmlssnapshot.filesystems - A comma separated list of filesystems to collect. Default is to collect all filesystems listed by mmlsfs.
  • --collector.mmlssnapshot.get-size - Pass this flag to collect snapshot sizes. This operation could take a long time depending on filesystem size, consider using gpfs_mmlssnapshot_exporter instead.

The exporter gpfs_mmlssnapshot_exporter is provided to allow snapshot collection, including size (with --collector.mmlssnapshot.get-size) to be collected with cron rather than a Prometheus scrape through the normal exporter.


  • --collector.mmlsfileset.filesystems - A comma separated list of filesystems to collect. Default is to collect all filesystems listed by mmlsfs.

NOTE: This collector does not collect used inodes. To get used inodes look at using the mmrepquota collector.


Ensure the user running gpfs_exporter can execute GPFS commands necessary to collect metrics. The following sudo config assumes gpfs_exporter is running as gpfs_exporter.

Defaults:gpfs_exporter !syslog
Defaults:gpfs_exporter !requiretty
# mmgetstate collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmgetstate -Y
# mmpmon collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmpmon -s -p
# config collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmdiag --config -Y
# mmhealth collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmhealth node show -Y
# verbs collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmfsadm test verbs status
# mmdf/mmlssnapshot collector if filesystems not specified
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlsfs all -Y -T
# waiter collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmdiag --waiters -Y
# mmces collector
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmces state show *
# mmdf collector, each filesystem must be listed
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmdf project -Y
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmdf scratch -Y
# mmrepquota collector, filesystems not specified
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmrepquota -j -Y -a
# mmrepquota collector, filesystems specified
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmrepquota -j -Y project scratch
# mmlssnapshot collector, each filesystem must be listed
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlssnapshot project -s all -Y
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlssnapshot ess -s all -Y
# mmlsfileset collector, each filesystem must be listed
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlsfileset project -Y
gpfs_exporter ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmlsfileset ess -Y


Download the latest release

Add the user that will run gpfs_exporter

groupadd -r gpfs_exporter
useradd -r -d /var/lib/gpfs_exporter -s /sbin/nologin -M -g gpfs_exporter -M gpfs_exporter

Install compiled binaries after extracting tar.gz from release page.

cp /tmp/gpfs_exporter /usr/local/bin/gpfs_exporter

Add sudo rules, see sudo section

Add systemd unit file and start service. Modify the ExecStart with desired flags.

cp systemd/gpfs_exporter.service /etc/systemd/system/gpfs_exporter.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start gpfs_exporter

Build from source

To produce the gpfs_exporter, gpfs_mmdf_exporter, and gpfs_mmlssnapshot_exporter binaries:

make build


go get
go get
go get


There is an example GPFS Performance dashboard. See the description on that dashboard for additional information on labels needed to utilize that dashboard.

Prometheus Configuration

This is an example scrape config with some metrics excluded for HPC compute nodes with label role=compute:

- job_name: gpfs
  scrape_timeout: 2m
  scrape_interval: 3m
  - source_labels: [__address__]
    regex: "([^.]+)..*"
    replacement: "$1"
    target_label: host
  - source_labels: [__name__,role]
    regex: gpfs_(mount|health|verbs)_status;compute
    action: drop
  - source_labels: [__name__,collector,role]
    regex: gpfs_exporter_(collect_error|collector_duration_seconds);(mmhealth|mount|verbs);compute
    action: drop
  - source_labels: [__name__,role]
    regex: "^(go|process|promhttp)_.*;compute"
    action: drop
  - files:
    - "/etc/prometheus/file_sd_config.d/gpfs_*.yaml"

An example scrape target configuration:

- targets:
    host: c0001
    cluster: example
    environment: production
    role: compute