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TriangleDraw is a pixel editor for iPad and iPhone.
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TriangleDraw screenshots

TriangleDraw: Pixel Editor for iPad/iPhone

TriangleDraw is brilliant for sketching logos. You can quickly create designs that can be used for branding on letterheads or on your website.

Primary features:

  • Draw: use one finger to draw black/white triangles.
  • Pinch: use two fingers to zoom.

Secondary features:

  • Browser: Organize your drawing files in directories. Rename. Duplicate.
  • Canvas: There are 11616 triangles; you have plenty of space for all kinds of symbols/logos.
  • Rotate the canvas by 60 degrees.
  • Flip the canvas around the x axis or the y axis.
  • Invert, so white becomes black and black becomes white.
  • Move the canvas by one column/row. The triangles wraps around the canvas edge.
  • Symmetry modes: x, y, xy, 3 way, 6 way.
  • Subdivide: Split up all triangles into smaller triangles.
  • Undo: If something goes wrong, then you can roll back to the moment just before it went wrong.
  • Fullscreen: Hide the toolbars and work without noise.
  • Export to vector: Supports both PDF and SVG.
  • Export to bitmap: A 2048x2048 image that can be saved to the photo album or shared on social media.
  • Free: The app doesn't cost anything.
  • OpenSource: You can modify the code.

TriangleDraw on the web

Development of TriangleDraw

Greetings from Simon Strandgaard. I'm the developer of TriangleDraw. It has been my hobby project for many years.

It began around year 2004, where I first learned about .werkkzeug, a very powerful tool for composing digital art, by the german demo group Farbrausch.

I developed my own demotool for macOS, named GraphicDesignerToolbox (aka. GDT), that had building blocks that could be stacked the same way as in .werkkzeug. For GDT I made several building blocks for manipulating bitmap images and a few building blocks for manipulating vector paths.

When the iPad arrived around 2010, I developed the first version of TriangleDraw, that was inspired by one of the vector building blocks in GDT. I soon after released TriangleDraw version 1. It had a tiny tiny canvas. It only worked on iPad. No support for iPhone. I had no luck selling the app.

Around year 2014 I had TriangleDraw version 2 ready. The canvas was much larger. It worked on iPhone+iPad. I experimented with In-app-purchases, but I still had no luck earning any money on version 2.

Around year 2018/2019 I migrated all the TriangleDraw source code from ObjectiveC to Swift. The UIDocumentBrowserViewController is now being used, where in the past I used my own adhoc document browser. And best of all, it's free and open source. Please consider contributing to TriangleDraw.

Thank you all for your generous support.

This is Simon Strandgaard, developer of TriangleDraw, signing off.

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