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scrapes and collects data on /r/AmItheAsshole
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Is Reddit the Asshole?


I, like many, am tired of the obvious bait posts on my reddit feed consisting of ridiculous situations in which, yes, OP is in fact an asshole.

To that end, I built this application to track the statistics of petitioners to /r/AITA.


The main webserver is running Flask with a SQLite database. Celery runs a scheduled task to scrape results and compiles the data into the database for quick retrieval.

Let me at it!

First, install docker and docker-compose.

Next, clone the repo:

$ git clone

Grab your reddit client id and secret here:

  1. Click 'Create another app'
  2. Enter application name, select 'script' option, enter 'localhost' for redirect uri
  3. Click 'Create app'
  4. Grab client secret and client id (hint: this is the code beneath 'personal use script')
  5. Copy env/docker.env.example to env/docker.env
  6. Enter the client secret and client id
  7. Update the user agent string to something meaningful and with your username
  8. Update the application secret if you are hosting this publicly

Build the docker images and run the docker images:

$ # in aita/ directory
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up

Note: in case you want to host this application yourself, be sure to change the secret key in env/docker.env!

Visit localhost:8090 to access your local installation!


Copyright Tristan Kernan. Licensed GPLv3+.

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