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@troglobit troglobit released this Sep 16, 2018 · 19 commits to master since this release

Event loop callback support.


  • rl_unintialize(), new function to free all memory, by Claus Fischer
  • rl_insert_text(), new GNU Readline compat function
  • rl_refresh_line(), new GNU Readline compat function
  • rl_callback_*(), alternate interface to plain readline() for event loops. Modeled after the GNU Readline API
  • rl_completion_entry_function, and rl_attempted_completion_function are two new GNU Readline compat user hooks for the completion framework
  • rl_completion_matches() and rl_filename_completion_function() are two new GNU Readline compat functions
  • Add new example: fileman.c from GNU Readline to demonstrate the level of compatibility of the revamped completion framework
  • Add support for Ctrl-Right and Ctrl-Left, forward/backward word
  • Add .deb package to official release target


  • Fixed header guards, avoid using leading __
  • Spell check fixes
  • Remove duplicate code in history check
  • Use NULL instead of 0, and -1 instead of NULL, where applicable
  • Misc. minor Coverity Scan fixes
  • Misc. minor fixes to testit.c example code
  • Add -Wextra to std CFLAGS
  • Check fclose() return value in in write_history() and read_history()
  • Initialize global variables and reset to NULL on free()
  • Fix off-by-one in forward kill word, avoid deleting too much
  • Skip (or kill) leading whitespace when skipping (or killing) forwards
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