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Firmware and design files for AMC-AASD15A servo controller for AASD-15A and compatible drives
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Firmware updates for the AMC-AASD15A

Alt Text

Firmware Update procedure video

AMC-AASD15A interface plugin for Simtools

You can find the Simtools Interface plugin here:

You can use the AMC config tool to access and modify the parameters in the AMC-AASD15A:

Alt Text

======= enc_6dof_AMC_AASD15A_v2_03 =======

release date: 07/20/2019: 
  -Increased the Stroke setting range from 400mm to 650mm. 
  -1300mm stroke can be achieved using the 5mm/rev leadscrew setting on 1610 (10mm/rev) leadscrew actuator.

======= enc_6dof_AMC_AASD15A_v2_02 =======

release date: 06/24/2019: 
  -Fixed issue of servos not activate back correctly after E-Stop activated
  -Added selection in the KLM menu of NC or NO switch type to be used for E-stop
   Attention! If NC (normally closed) switch is used, wire any additional button in series!

======= enc_6dof_AMC_AASD15A_v2_01 =======

release date: 06/21/2019: 
  -Added Actuator motion test that is activated when DIP1=OFF DIP4=ON, 
  Motion test speed is adjusted by the encoder knob

======= enc_6dof_AMC_AASD15A_v2_00 =======

release date: 06/17/2019: 
-Provides access to parameters via AMC Config utility

======= enc_6dof_AMC-AASD15A_v1.0_rev1g =======

release date: 6/8/2019: 
  -Fixed the emergency e-stop function. It will disable the servos completely.
    To remedy any position drift, the motors will recalibrate if e-stop is released
    There are two options for e-stop defined by KLM setting in LCD menu.
    One option is to combine Park/Standby button with the delayed e-stop.
    The second option is to immediately disable (kill) the servos.

======= enc_6dof_AMC-AASD15A_v1.0_rev1f =======

release date: 6/3/2019: 
  -Changed the stroke values to appear as millimiters instead of centimeters

======= enc_6dof_AMC-AASD15A_v1.0_rev1e =======

release date: 6/2/2019: 
  -Fixed issue with calibration correct inline/foldback per individual actuator
  -Fixed bug kept same stroke for all actuators in individual setting
  ----MANDATORY UPGRADE to this firmware please!!!

======= enc_6dof_AMC-AASD15A_v1.0_rev1d =======

release date: 5/30/2019: 
  -Fixed issue with using correct inline foldback parameters per individual actuator
  -Fixed bug that prevented re-calibration of the actuator if reconnected for actuators 2,3,4,5,6

======= enc_6dof_AMC-AASD15A_v1.0_rev1c =======

release date: 5/26/2019: 
  -Fixed issue with proper activation on new boards
  -Fixed bugs in selecting individual parameters for each actuator

======= enc_6dof_AMC-AASD15A_v1.0_rev1b =======

release date: 5/24/2019: 
  -Set number of motors
  -Set Park and Standby position, speed and timeouts.
  -Set actuator Stroke in cm
  -Set Screw Lead pitch (5 for 250mm/s or 10 for 500mm/s)
  -Set Inline or Backfold configuration
  -Set manual move test buttons speed (variable depending on the number of motors)

------------------- Wiring E-stop Buttons and switches - KLM option1 -------------

Alt Text

------------------- Wiring E-stop switch - KLM option2 -------------

Alt Text

------------------- Using older AMC1280USB controller-------------

You can use the older AMC1280USB but it will require some extra wiring and addition of some capacitors and resistors

Alt Text

Alt Text

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