A Tropo SMS application for submitting incident reports to an Ushahidi instance.
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Tropo SMS Application for Ushaidi Incident Reporting

An SMS application that can be used in conjunction with the Tropo platform to send incident reports to an Ushahidi instance.

Set Up and Configuration

  • Clone the GitHub repo.
  • Modify the file "submit-report.php" and add the specifics of your Ushaidi installation in the declared constants at the top of the file.
  • Log in to your Tropo account (or sign up for an account - it's free).
  • Create a new Tropo scripting application, and use the contents of the "submit-report.php" file as a new hosted file. Detailed instructions on creating a new Scripting application in Tropo are here.
  • When your application is created, provision a new Voice + SMS number for your application.
  • Optionally, add an IM address for your app.

See also

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