A Leiningen plugin to manage Leiningen plugins
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NOTE: This plugin has been merged into Leiningen as of v1.4.0

Plugin for Leiningen to manage other Leiningen plugins.


% git clone git://github.com/trptcolin/lein-plugin.git
% cd lein-plugin
% lein plugin install lein-plugin "0.1.0"


Once you're installed, you can call the plugin task from anywhere.

% lein plugin help

Use the same arguments you would put in the Leiningen :dev-dependencies if you were only using the plugin on a single project.

% lein plugin install lein-clojars/lein-clojars "0.6.0"

You can also use the simplified version where the group and artifact id are the same, and even leave out the parentheses if you want.

% lein plugin install lein-clojars 0.6.0

You can also easily uninstall plugins through the task.

% lein plugin uninstall lein-clojars 0.6.0


Copyright (C) 2010 Colin Jones

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.