Tools for rapid prototyping of DSL compilers
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raddsl is a toolset for rapid prototyping of DSL compilers.

It consists of two combinator-based libraries (embedded DSLs) written in Python:

  1. for lexical and syntax analysis (PEG, Pratt parser).
  2. for AST transformations and code generation (strategic term rewriting).

raddsl is inspired by:

See examples folder for some examples of use of raddsl (code formatter, PL0 to Python translator, JSON parser etc).

See also:

  • PigletC (a toy C-like language compiler for PigletVM)
  • Uzh (a tiny compiler for FPGA soft processor, Uzh language is a statically compiled subset of Python)
  • Regexp (a regular expressions compiler by @vkazanov)


Moscow Python Conf++ slides (in Russian)