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AWS tools that come in handy.

Tool Description AWS Lambda Support
ebs-delete snapshots an EBS volume before deleting, and won't delete volumes that belong to CloudFormation stacks. No
iam-keys-check checks users for old access keys and sends notification to a Slack webhook url Yes
rds-cloudwatch-logs Streams logs from RDS into CloudWatch Logs. This is only really needed for PostgreSQL, until AWS makes it a proper service Yes
rds-snapshot-cleaner removes manual snapshot for a RDS instance that are older than X days or over a maximum snapshot count. Yes
s3-bucket-size figures out how many bytes are in a given bucket as of the last CloudWatch metric update. Must faster and cheaper than iterating over all of the objects and usually "good enough". No
trusted-advisor-refresh triggers a refresh of Trusted Advisor because AWS doesn't do this for you. Yes
aws-health-notifier Sends notifcations to a Slack webhook when AWS Health Events (read AWS outage) are triggered Yes


go get -u

Developer Setup

Install dependencies (macOS)

brew install dep
brew install pre-commit
go get -u
gometalinter --install

Then run ./bin/prereqs and follow any instructions that appear.

Install dependencies (Linux)

go get -u
pip install pre-commit
go get -u
gometalinter --install

Then run ./bin/prereqs and follow any instructions that appear.

Build Local Binaries

make all # Automatically setup pre-commit and Go dependencies before tests and build.

Create Lambda

To build a zip for AWS Lambda to execute, run the following

make S3_BUCKET=your-s3-bucket lambda_release

Tools wanted

  • s3 deletion tool that purges a key AND all versions of that key.
  • ami-deregister that doesn't touch AMIs that are currently active or have been recently.
  • ebs volume snapshot deleter (all snaps older than x days, support keep tags)
  • redshift snapshot cleaner
  • automatic filesystem resizer (use case: you can make EBS volumes larger, but if you do, you still have to go in and run resize2fs (or whatever). Why not just do this at boot always?
  • Packer debris cleaner (old instances, security groups, etc)
  • AWS id lookup (ie, figure out from the id which describe API to call, and do it).
  • ebs snapshot creator (for all EBS volumes, trigger a snapshot).
  • Something that will pull AWS Bucket Inventory data (AWS ships it as an Athena or Hive compatible format, so you need to read a manifest.json and then pull a set of CSV or ORC files).
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