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Makefile to create .deb files for Intellij IDEA

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./build-package -f <flavor> -p <platform> -v <version> -u


build-package will create a platform-specific package of Jetbrain's Intellij IDEA. The packages can be installed using platform specific/native tools and/or distributed from local package repositories.

It currently only supports building packages of the development builds of IDEA, either by finding and downloading the latest version directly from Jetbrain's servers or by being pointed to a build output directory and use that.


  • -f <flavor>

    The IDEA flavor to package. 'flavor' can be one of 'IU' and 'IC' for IDEA Ultimate or IDEA Community Edition respectively.

  • -F

    Force a build of a package, even if there is a package with the same version in the repository.

  • -p <platform>

    The operating system platform to build the package for. Can be one of 'debian' and 'solaris'.

    'debian' will build a package for any of the Debian based Linux distributions, including Debian and Ubuntu.

    'solaris' will build a package for Solaris 8 to 10. The package itself will work on later versions of Solaris and OpenSolaris but uses the 'old style' packaging tools (pkgadd, pkgmk, etc)

    Platform autodetection will be implemented once someone has been annoyed enough by the manual procedure.

  • -s <directory>

    Sets to be the input directory when creating the package. This is used to build packages from custom builds of IDEA.

    Note that you have to specify the version explicitly.

  • -u

    Updates the package repository with the appropriate command for the platform.

    For debian this means dpkg-scanpackages, for solaris bldcat is used.

  • -v <version>

    The version of the build to use. If not specified the script will automatically find and download the latest build discovered from


To build a pkgutil repository run bldcat like this:

bldcat repository/solaris/`uname -p`/`uname -r`

make sure you have the pkgutilplus package installed


Example 1: Creating a Solaris package of the latest Ultimate Edition.

./build-package -f IU -p solaris

Example 2: Creating a Debian package of the 95.4 build of the Community Edition.

./build-package -f IC -p debian -v 95.4

Example 3: Creating a Debian from a custom build of IDEA:

./build-package -p debian -f IC -v 1.2.3 -s idea-IC-95.54


The scripts are not bullet proof, so there might certainly be bugs in them. The scripts also depend on jetbrains to not change the way they package and distribute the tar files.

If you find a bug, please file a bug on GitHub:

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