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License: GPL v2 Chat on Matrix

This repository contains the source code of the c't-Bot software framework. c't-Bot and c't-Sim belong together and represent a robot project that was initiated by the magazine c't in 2006.

The project website can be found at All related documentation is available at here.

The repository here contains the source code of the original c't-Bot robot from 2006, referred to as version 1 (v1). Each stable release of the code is tagged and the master branch always points to the latest one. The (experimental) development code can be found in branch development. Additional branches may exist for currently developed fixes or new features, use them on your own risk and bear in mind: if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

Feel free to fork from this repository, add your own extensions or improvements and create a pull request to get them integrated.


Eclipse may update the file .settings/language.settings.xml every time your local build environment changes. To stop git complaining about these updates, close eclipse and execute the following command at the ct-bot top-level directory: git update-index --skip-worktree -- .settings/language.settings.xml. You may need to repeat this for every branch you want to use.

Continuous integration tests

Branch Build status
master MCU CI Native CI RPi CI
develop MCU CI Native CI RPi CI