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Icebox (beta)

This is a tool for tab hoarders. Keeping a tab open eats memory, drains battery life, may do strange things like refresh itself or play videos, and prevents you from applying browser updates that require a restart. Instead of keeping the tab open, stash the url in your Icebox and open it back up when you want it.

Install it from the Chrome web store.

NOTE: This is beta software. Strange things might happen. If you're saving mission critical listicles, be sure to use the "Export your data" feature on the options page.


If you see a bug, submit it on github. If you want to contribute code, make a pull request. It's better to open a pull request early so we can discuss the change you want to make before you spend time writing it.


There's no pattern to releases yet. Version numbers are sequential, with no point releases.

Statement of Intent

Your experience on the internet is too far out of your control. Services like this one exist, but your data is sent to a company's server where they aggregate, analyze, and repackage your data as content or for marketing insight or however else they can extract value from it. And if they company can't extract enough value they shut their doors, taking your data with them.

Icebox does not aggregate and analyze your data. It's always under your control, and you can save it to a file on your computer whenever you want. Icebox is also open source, so you can verify what it's doing with your data and you can continue to use it without depending on a company to let you.


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