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Plover extension that tries to automatically reconnect the steno machine if the connection got lost
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Plover auto reconnect writer

An extension to Plover to automatically reconnect a steno machine if it got disconnected.


TODO: This will be true once released. For now, you can only pip install this from source which requires running Plover from source to use. Currently, this only works with pull request #1054 applied, because it is necessary that plover correctly changes the machine state to ERROR upon disconnect.

Download the latest version of Plover for your operating system from the releases page. Only versions 4.0.0.dev8 and higher are supported.

  1. Open Plover
  2. Navigate to the Plugin Manager tool
  3. Select the "plover-auto-reconnect-machine" plugin entry in the list
  4. Click install
  5. Restart Plover
  6. Activate the plugin in the plugin tab of the plover configuration dialog

The same method can be used for updating and uninstalling the plugin.

How to Use

This plugin enhances plover by automatically reconnecting the steno machine to plover. Without the machine it is necessary to hit the reconnect button in plover in some cases. As soon as the steno machine is connected, the plugin will trigger a reconnect in plover.

Using the plugin, it doesn't matter any more, if you start plover before connecting the steno machine or the other way round.

The plugin does also allow to unplug and replug the steno machine or to switch devices (unplug machine B, plug in machine B) -- as long as they will use the same com port and protocol.

What this plugin does not

This plugin intentionally does not do any kind of auto discover. You need to have your machine correctly configured for this plugin to work.

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