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Bringing stenography to everyone.

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Plover (rhymes with "lover") is a desktop application that allows anyone to use stenography to write on their computer, up to speeds of 200WPM and beyond.

Plover is part of the Open Steno Project. The Open Steno Project's goal is to provide everything you need to learn machine shorthand on your own, from free software, to cheap hardware, to learning resources.

Plover is GPLv2+ as of version 3.1.0. See the license for details.


Plover runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

View the installation guide which covers downloading, installation, and initial configuration.

Getting help

Having trouble with Plover?

The Wiki has several pages to help you:

If you are still having trouble, have found a bug, or would like to request a new feature, please search for or create an issue. When making a new issue, fill out the form as best you can so that we can help you quickly.

If you are looking for more general support (i.e. you don't have a specific issue), consider joining the community. We are active on Discord, a live chatroom service; and on the Google Group, a more traditional mailing list.


The Open Steno Project is always growing, and could use your help!


Plover is developed by volunteers. Donations to Open Steno help fund new projects as well as any maintenance costs with publishing Plover.

Donate here, donations of any size are very appreciated!


Plover is a cross-platform desktop application written in Python. To contribute to Plover, see contributing.

If Python isn't your thing, there are other steno-related projects, including StenoJig (JavaScript) and StenoTray (Java).

Writing, Art, UX, and Web Design

  • The Plover Wiki discusses Plover and Open Steno in general. Edits to the Wiki and new page ideas are welcome.
  • Graphic art for Plover and stenography in general is always appreciated. The app's icons are worked on at morinted/plover_icons. You may consider reimagining or reposing Plover's mascot, Dolores.
  • UX improvement suggestions are welcome. Plover runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and should be powerful but out of the way, which poses some interesting challenges. Please drop in to the Discord server to brainstorm with users and the developers.
  • Open Steno has websites that accept contributions, including the Open Steno Project Homepage (source) and Plover's Homepage (source).

Development Environment and Building

Plover is cross-platform and has separate build instructions for each platform.

Please follow through for your system: