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Welcome to the OpenAnnotate wiki!

OpenAnnotate provides a Visible Source alternative for annotating content stored in your ECM repository using a 100% web-based annotation tool.

OpenAnnotate is configured out of the box to allow Annotations on documents that have either their native content or a rendition in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

If the documents in your repository are already available in one of the above formats, then you are all set to go! If your documents are not available in one of the above formats, it is easy to write a transformer that will render your documents into one of the above formats. The most common example of this is in a Documentum or Alfresco repository to configure all .doc or .docx files to be rendered into a pdf when they are checked into the repository.

The guides below offer details on how to install OpenAnnotate into your repository and details on how to build and develop on top of OpenAnnotate.

Official Documentation

Installation Guide

Webtop/FirstDoc Integration Installation

Alfresco Share Integration Installation

Quality Documentation

Feature Matrix


OpenAnnotate Issue and Enhancement Management


Building and Deploying OpenAnnotate

OA Configuration Files

Creating an OA Overlay

OpenAnnotate Source Folder Structure

High Level Architecture


Using OpenAnnotate Collaboration Features

Using Slide Viewer with OpenAnnotate

External Integrations

Building the OpenAnnotate Alfresco and Share AMPs


API and Javadoc

Using JRebel With OA





Release Notes

Release Notes

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