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Tess Sluijter's Zines

If you've met me IRL, you will most likely have seen me doodling or drawing. It's an almost compulsory thing for me! I've often said that drawing is like my brain's "Idle Process", running in the background making sure I pay attention to things around me, like meetings or phone calls.

Over the past 30+ years I've mostly drawn for my own enjoyment, though I've also published yonkoma comics about my daily life and even tried my hand at a short story or two. In 2019 things took a new turn after b0rk (Julia) and SailorHG (Amy) inspired me to make a "zine".

To sum it up, a "zine" (short for magazine) is a self-published booklet about subject matter that's dear to the author's heart. The Public have a made a wonderful zine explaining zines (how meta!), which is available here: An Introduction To Zines.

For starters, I'll write about things I've learned during my work and studies which I feel are well-worth sharing with others. The first issue, "The tale of the Dubious Crypto" covers Windows security practices and bad cryptography implementations in a piece of software I pen-tested.

Printing or reading

Each zine's folder contains a bunch of files:

  • The "booklet" PDF is ready for printing (use double-sided, long-edge binding).
  • The "www" PDF is easier to read on-screen.
  • The TIF files are edited and cleaned-up scans of the original pages.


You are free to copy, read, print, edit, change, re-use, whatever these zines as long as you adhere to the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license:

  • You must share your derivates under the same license,
  • Please attribute my original work and
  • Only use it for non-commercial purposes.


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