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@@ -8,14 +8,16 @@ other features that may be useful for an IDE.
Most of Scion's functionality is based on the GHC API. Scion tries to
be front-end agnostic; it provides both a Haskell API and servers for
-non-Haskell clients such as Emacs or Vim.
+non-Haskell clients such as Emacs (no Vim, volunteers required).
+(For developer builds see section "Hacking" below.)
Scion requires [GHC 6.10.1][ghc] or later. All other dependencies
should be on [Hackage][hackage] and can be installed using
@@ -30,6 +32,8 @@ working on Scion itself.
@@ -89,3 +93,52 @@ dot com). Note that, if you fork the project on Github your fork
won't take up additional space on your account.
+For development it is probably easier to use the GNU make than Cabal
+directly. The makefile includes a file called `` which is
+not present by default. You can use the provided ``
+and edit it:
+ $ cp
+ $ edit
+After that, the makefile takes care of the rest.
+ $ make # configure and build
+ $ make install # configure, build, and install
+If you don't have the dependencies, yet, and have `cabal-install`, the
+following may be helpful (If it's not in the path, adjust ``
+ $ make cabal-install
+(This also installs Scion, but that shouldn't interfere with hacking.)
+Using an in-place GHC
+GHC 6.10.1 has a couple of problems. For example, not all error
+messages are reported using the GHC API but instead are printed to
+stdout/stderr. Some parts also call `exitWith` directly. GHC's HEAD
+branch has some of these bugs fixed and may contain new features not
+present in the stable branch. If you want to compile against an
+inplace GHC, the following steps should work:
+ 1. On windows, make sure that Cabal finds the inplace gcc
+ $ cd <path-to-ghc>
+ $ cp `which gcc` ghc/
+ (Adjust to version of GCC that GHC was compiled with.)
+ 2. Set the `GHC_PATH` variable to the correct path to for your
+ system. Make sure *not* to set `HC`, `PKG`, or `HADDOCK`, they
+ will automatically set to point to the inplace versions.
+ 3. Use `make` or `make cabal-install` as above.

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