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Converted from SourceForge issue 2166617, submitted by ttencate

"I read on taekwindow's Homepage that there is an internal blacklist for programs that use alt-Mouse-actions on their own. Could you please add VNC-Viewers to this list?

While I like taekwindow under Windows, I do not want to lose the functionality when working remote under linux. ;-)

I do not know how you identify blacklisted windows, the VNC-Viewer we I use is from Is is possible to identify the VNC-Viewer, independent from its Version number?"

I could probably implement this any way I want, but the tricky part is to determine which behaviour makes most sense. For example, if someone uses VNC to control a Windows box, the viewer should not be blacklisted. Also the VNC behaviour should be consistent with the behaviour of Remote Desktop, which currently does not get a special treatment either.

I have been thinking about building a user-configurable blacklist. This would solve this problem for most users.


ttencate commented Mar 13, 2011

Submitted by ttencate


Also, maybe it would be a better idea to make this a seperate option, just like the 'disable on window title'. Photoshop (CS3) for example, also needs the alt+click.

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