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Stream your own music from ur browser

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Streaming Audio with node.js

Streamy is a streaming audio server, with a web client. You can listen to music from your browser.

Currently supports mp3 and m4a.


Clone the repo:

git clone

Install npm dependencies:

cd streamy
npm install

Run the audio server:

node app.js

Web Client

Once the audio server is running, go to in your browser.

You will see a list of all your music files that were placed in <streamy-directory>/public/music/. There is a song there as an example. Double click a song to stream it.

All music files in public/music/ will be streamable.

Don't want to copy/paste your entire music library into public/music/ ? S'all good. Just create a symlink to your music library as such:

cd public/music
ln -s /home/ttezel/Desktop/MUSIC/ music_library

This creates a symlink named music_library that points to /home/ttezel/Desktop/MUSIC/. Streamy will traverse your symlink and retrieve the music files, thanks to node-findit.

Streaming Individual Songs

Endpoint: to stream individual songs.

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