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A collection of config files that I use.


Installing will overwrite anything in the way. Run make -n first. If you are happy with that output, you can test the dotfile environment with

❯ TMP=$(mktemp -d -t HOME); HOME=$TMP make install && ls -al $TMP && unset TMP

Install common, cross-platform dotfiles to $HOME with

❯ make install

Install individual dotfiles with, e.g.

❯ make install-git


❯ make install-vim-config

and so forth.

Look at the Makefile to see which dotfiles are installed by default and which require running a separate task. For example, tarsnap configs only really apply to my local machine, so they are not installed by default.

Use make list to see a list of all targets, including the test targets and any auxiliary helper targets. More on test targets follows.


There is a test target in the Makefile. Not everything is tested, but I've attempted to verify the files that can be tested. If you know of a way to verify or test other dotfiles, please open an issue or let me know.

  • All zsh and bash config files and scripts are parsed by their respective shells. This includes all the zsh installation script helpers.
  • All vim config files are linted by vim-vint.
  • All dotjs files are linted by eslint.

You need bash and zsh installed to check the syntax of some installation files. Presumably, if you are using these dotfiles, you have at least those two shells installed.

In order to test the dotjs and vim config files, you need to install vim-vint and eslint. There is a test-requirements.txt to help with vim-vint, and there is a package.json to help with the javascript linters. Simply run pip install -r test-requirements.txt and npm install --only=dev to install these dependencies.

Note that you do not need to install pip and npm requirements in order to install and use these dotfiles. These requirements are only used for running tests, hence their test- and dev-specific install commands.

Inspiration and Thanks - Makefile and overall project structure - Interactive, templated gitconfig