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Steampipe Logo

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Steampipe is the universal interface to APIs. Use SQL to query cloud infrastructure, SaaS, code, logs, and more.

With Steampipe you can:

Steampipe CLI: The SQL console for API queries

The Steampipe community has grown a suite of plugins that map APIs to tables.

Cloud AWS, Alibaba, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle
SaaS Airtable, Jira, GitHub, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Slack, Stripe, Zoom
Security CrowdStrike, GitGuardian, Have I Been Pwned, PAN-OS, Shodan, Trivy, VirusTotal
Identity Azure AD, Duo, Keycloak, Google Directory, LDAP
DevOps Docker, Grafana, Kubernetes, Prometheus
Net Baleen, Cloudflare,, Gandi, IMAP, ipstack, Tailscale,, WHOIS
IaC CloudFormation, Terraform
Logs Algolia, AWS CloudWatch, Datadog, Splunk
Social HackerNews, Twitter, Reddit, RSS
Your API Build your own custom plugins

The interactive query shell is one way you can query those tables.

You can also use psql, pgcli, Metabase, Tableau, or any client that can connect to Postgres.

Get started with the CLI

Install Steampipe

The downloads page shows you how but tl;dr:

Linux or WSL

sudo /bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"


brew tap turbot/tap
brew install steampipe
Add a plugin

Choose a plugin from the hub, for example: Net.

Run the steampipe plugin command to install it.

steampipe plugin install net
Run steampipe query
Launch the interactive shell.
steampipe query

Run your first query!

  domain = '';
Learn more about the CLI
Build and develop the CLI


  • Golang Version 1.19 or higher.


git clone
cd steampipe

Build, which automatically installs the new version to your /usr/local/bin/steampipe directory:


Check the verison

$ steampipe -v
steampipe version 0.18.1

Install a plugin

$ steampipe plugin install steampipe

Try it!

steampipe query
> .inspect steampipe
| TABLE                             | DESCRIPTION                       |
| steampipe_registry_plugin         | Steampipe Registry Plugins        |
| steampipe_registry_plugin_version | Steampipe Registry Plugin Version |

> select * from steampipe_registry_plugin;

Steampipe Mods: Dashboards and benchmarks

The Steampipe community has also grown a suite of mods which are sets of dashboards that visualize your resources and benchmarks that check your cloud resources for compliance.

Compliance Check AWS, Azure, GCP, etc for compliance with HIPAA, PCI, etc
Cost Review what AWS, Azure, GCP, and other clouds are costing you
Insights Visualize cloud resources with charts, tables, and interactive widgets
Security Use CIS, NIST, FedRAMP etc to assess the security of AWS, Azure, GCP, etc
Tags Verify the consistency of tags applied to AWS, Azure, and GCP resources
Your mod Build your own benchmarks and dashboards

Running dashboards and benchmarks


Dashboards and benchmarks use SQL to gather data and HCL to flow the data into dashboard widgets and benchmark controls. You can use the existing suites of benchmarks and dashboards, or build derivative versions, or create your own.

Get started with dashboards and benchmarks

Install the Net Insights mod
The Net Insights mod works with the Net plugin shown above. To run it, first clone its repo and change to that directory.
git clone
cd steampipe-mod-net-insights

Run benchmarks in the CLI

All the benchmarks:

steampipe check all

A single benchmark:

steampipe check benchmark.dns_best_practices

A single control:

steampipe check control.dns_ns_name_valid

Available formats include JSON, CSV, HTML, and ASFF. You can use custom output templates to create new output formats.

Run benchmarks as dashboards
Launch the dashboard server: `steampipe dashboard`, then open `http://localhost:9194` in your browser.

The home page lists available dashboards. Click DNS Best Practices to view that dashboard.

Note that the default domains are and You can change those defaults to check other domains.

Use dashboards to explore your resources
Dashboards use charts, tables, and interactive widgets to help you explore and visualize your resources.

The AWS Insights mod, for example, provides dozens of dashboards that exercise the full set of widgets. To use these dashboards, first install the AWS plugin and authenticate. Then clone AWS Insights, change to its directory, launch steampipe dashboard, and open localhost:9194.


We thrive on feedback and community involvement!

Have a question? → Join our Slack community or open a GitHub issue.

Want to get involved? → Learn how to contribute.

Want to work with the team? → We are hiring!

Turbot Pipes

Want a hosted version of Steampipe? Bring your team to Turbot Pipes.