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Run individual controls or full compliance benchmarks for CIS, PCI, NIST, HIPAA and more across all of your AWS accounts using Powerpipe and Steampipe.


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AWS Compliance Mod for Powerpipe


Powerpipe is now the preferred way to run this mod! Migrating from Steampipe →

All v0.x versions of this mod will work in both Steampipe and Powerpipe, but v1.0.0 onwards will be in Powerpipe format only.

540+ checks covering industry defined security best practices across all AWS regions. Includes full support for multiple best practice benchmarks including the latest (v3.0.0) CIS benchmark, PCI DSS, AWS Foundational Security, CISA Cyber Essentials, FedRAMP, FFIEC, GxP 21 CFR Part 11, GxP EU Annex 11, HIPAA Final Omnibus Security Rule 2013, HIPAA Security Rule 2003, NIST 800-53, NIST CSF, Reserve Bank of India, Audit Manager Control Tower, and more!

Run checks in a dashboard: image

Or in a terminal: image


Getting Started


Install Powerpipe (, or use Brew:

brew install turbot/tap/powerpipe

This mod also requires Steampipe with the AWS plugin as the data source. Install Steampipe (, or use Brew:

brew install turbot/tap/steampipe
steampipe plugin install aws

Steampipe will automatically use your default AWS credentials. Optionally, you can setup multiple accounts or customize AWS credentials.

Finally, install the mod:

mkdir dashboards
cd dashboards
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install

Browsing Dashboards

Start Steampipe as the data source:

steampipe service start

Start the dashboard server:

powerpipe server

Browse and view your dashboards at http://localhost:9033.

Running Checks in Your Terminal

Instead of running benchmarks in a dashboard, you can also run them within your terminal with the powerpipe benchmark command:

List available benchmarks:

powerpipe benchmark list

Run a benchmark:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.cis_v300

Different output formats are also available, for more information please see Output Formats.

Common and Tag Dimensions

The benchmark queries use common properties (like account_id, connection_name and region) and tags that are defined in the form of a default list of strings in the variables.sp file. These properties can be overwritten in several ways:

It's easiest to setup your vars file, starting with the sample:

cp steampipe.spvars.example steampipe.spvars
vi steampipe.spvars

Alternatively you can pass variables on the command line:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.cis_v300 --var 'tag_dimensions=["Environment", "Owner"]'

Or through environment variables:

export PP_VAR_common_dimensions='["account_id", "connection_name", "region"]'
export PP_VAR_tag_dimensions='["Environment", "Owner"]'
powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.cis_v300

Open Source & Contributing

This repository is published under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see our code of conduct. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Steampipe and Powerpipe are products produced from this open source software, exclusively by Turbot HQ, Inc. They are distributed under our commercial terms. Others are allowed to make their own distribution of the software, but cannot use any of the Turbot trademarks, cloud services, etc. You can learn more in our Open Source FAQ.

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