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TurnKey Dev Tracker

TurnKey uses GitHub's project management features to track development.


  1. Issue Tracker: used to report and track bugs, issues and feature requests related to TurnKey Linux.
  2. Wiki: used to propose and track appliance candidates, and also as a general purpose whiteboard for TurnKey development.

This tracker is NOT intended to be used as:

Reporting a bug, issue or feature request

The ideal bug/issue includes:

  1. A detailed description of the issue.
  2. How to reproduce the issue step by step.
  3. Any extra information that might be relevant, such as appliance name, version, deployment (ISO, OpenStack, Amazon EC2), any changes made prior to issue, etc.

The ideal feature request includes:

  1. A detailed description of feature and component it relates to.
  2. One or more use cases for the feature.
  3. Any extra information that might be relevant.

Before creating a new issue on the Issue Tracker, please check to see if a similar issue already exists. If it does, post a comment showing it also affects you. Knowing an issue effects multiple users is useful when we decide how to prioritize limited development resources. Please try and include any additional information you think might help us close the issue.

Contributing as a developer

TurnKey is 100% open source and the code for all components is right here on GitHub. Developers with good ideas are strongly encouraged to be bold and contribute code. Use the source Luke!

See the guidelines and walk through.


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