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This wiki is used to:

  1. Track the development status for upcoming TurnKey releases (was used to track the 13.0 release; now to be used to track the 14.0 release)
  2. Track TKLDev community projects & candidates for applications that should be in TurnKey
  3. General purpose whiteboard for anything related to TurnKey development

This is a shared community resource intended to assist in the documentation and discussion of official and unofficial TurnKey Linux development. Show the wiki some love and help fellow community members by adding your development notes here.


All wiki pages use GitHub flavored MarkDown. Before you edit you can press m on your keyboard for a quick cheatsheat. While editing, click on the (?) button in the editing interface for help.

When creating new pages, please select markdown format so all pages on this wiki use the same consistent format.

TKLDev Community Projects

Click on the section header just above to go to a page listing known TKLDev community projects.

Appliance Candidates

Click on the section header just above to go to the appliance candidates.

Before proposing a new candidate, please check if it already exists. If it does, add your github_username as a supporter. The supporter list is used to gauge community interest and prioritize.

When proposing a new appliance candidate, please use the following formatting:

### NameInCamalCase: Short Description (labels)

* Supporters: [@github_username](/github_username), ...
* [WhiteBoard](Page)
* reference links

Feel free to create a whiteboard page for design and discussion of the candidate. The name of page should be NameInCamalCase.

Lastly, not all candidates are fleshed out yet, and may need updating, so feel free - be bold.


Click on the section header just above to go to the whiteboard pages.

Anything goes. There are no rules to follow per the content, go wild!

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