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@brandonlehmann brandonlehmann released this Apr 7, 2019



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Special Notes

Please note, the build directions have changed

Upgrade to this release is required

Network Upgrade at Block 1,400,000

The v0.14.0 release of the core TurtleCoin suite activates a network upgrade at block 1,400,000 that forces the verification of the signature counts on transactions send throughout the network. This upgrade helps reduce the risk of blockchain bloat from malformed transactions. Special thanks goes to @michael-herwig for identifying this bug.

Release Notes

General Updates

  • Implements fork at 1,400,000 to reject new transactions where the signature count is incorrect for the number of inputs in the transaction. #743
  • CN Soft Shell algorithm altered (still unused by TurtleCoin) to allow for the user of CPU/GPU mining software
  • Removed all references to LWMA3 from the codebase to avoid further confusion
  • Resolved issue in some OSX build environments where building with the latest Xcode failed

TurtleCoind Updates

  • N/A

zedwallet Updates

  • N/A

zedwallet-beta Updates

  • Added additional logging facilities
  • Resolved #675 such that the future unlock time is displayed in in the UI if the input is locked as it comes in.
    • Special thanks to @dirtybits for their first core submission in resolving a Good First Issue

turtle-service Updates

  • N/A

wallet-api Updates

  • Added new /address/validate endpoint
  • Enhanced endpoints to allow the wallet to be open or closed depending on the endpoint used
  • Added additional logging facilities
  • Added publicSpendKey to /addresses/create
  • Now performs additional validation of parameters on numerous endpoint calls

miner Updates

  • N/A

cryptotest Updates

  • N/A

Known Issues

  • #603: Error in JSON serialization in multiple RPC methods regarding large uint64_t values
  • #710: Rare Transaction Double Add Bug in WalletBackend
  • #724: WalletBackend syncing does not remain O(1) when increasing the number of wallets
  • #748: Block Transactions Blob Shuffle
  • #749: Timestamp Locked Input Transactions

How To Sync Quickly

  • Download the latest checkpoints.csv here
  • Place checkpoints.csv in the same folder as your TurtleCoind daemon
  • Run TurtleCoind with checkpoints added like this:
    Linux, Apple ./TurtleCoind --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv
    Windows TurtleCoind.exe --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv

How To Compile

Please see the How To Compile section of the project README for instructions on how to compile this release on your system.


See the TurtleCoin Release page for the full change history.


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