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Special Notes

Network Upgrade

Upgrade to this release is mandatory by block 800,000. Please update your software before block 800,000 to ensure you remain sycned with the network.

Static Mixin Change

The network will be changing from a static mixin of 7 to a static mixin of 3 at block 800,000. Please ensure all wallets, services, pools and other tools that send transactions are updated to support this by block 800,000.

Backwards Compatibility

v0.8.x releases revert a change that made the v0.7.0 release incompatible with older versions of the wallet (zedwallet, turtle-service, etc). This has been resolved in the 0.8.x builds.

Release Notes

General Updates

  • Enhanced Travis-CI & AppVeyor builds
    • Travis now auto builds AARCH64 builds on release
  • ChaCha8 updates to make things easier to copy
  • Added additional make targets to allow for building only certain sets of binaries
    • make pool builds TurtleCoind & turtle-service
    • make solominer builds TurtleCoind, zedwallet, & miner
    • make cli builds TurtleCoind & zedwallet
    • make builds all normal targets (TurtleCoind, zedwallet, turtle-service, & miner)
  • Additional LWMA2 tweaks
    • Moved Difficulty algorithms to separate file for better manageability
  • Updated linenoise to c++ version that gives better cross-platform support
  • Cleaned up left over code that is no longer used
  • Network Static Mixin count has been reduced from 7 to 3 as of block 800,000

TurtleCoind Updates

  • Removed linenoise support from the daemon that was linked to possible early exists of the daemon
  • Daemon now supports the ability to reject communication with peers that are out of date. This release does not cut off any old peers yet; however, the next release will cut off support for older peers.
  • Enhanced status command to provide percent of synchronization complete
  • Enhanced status command to supply more accurate information in relation to the peer you are connected to
  • Optimized checkpoint loading

zedwallet Updates

  • Massive update that allows for scanning from a specific height when importing from seed or keys.
    • Speeds up syncing a wallet; however, you must know which height to start scanning for transactions.
  • Fixed overflow in save_csv command that would result in unexpected values on outgoing transactions
  • Removed libboost references

turtle-service Updates

  • Massive update that allows for scanning from a specific height when importing from seed or keys.
    • Speeds up syncing a wallet; however, you must know which height to start scanning for transactions.
  • Added getFeeInfo method to the RPC that is an alias for feeinfo
  • Proper error reporting when a wallet file is not supplied

miner Updates

  • Nothing new to report

How To Sync Quickly

  • Download the latest checkpoints.csv here https://github.com/turtlecoin/checkpoints/raw/master/checkpoints.csv
  • Place checkpoints.csv in the same folder as your TurtleCoind daemon
  • Run TurtleCoind with checkpoints added like this:
    Linux, Apple ./TurtleCoind --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv
    Windows TurtleCoind.exe --load-checkpoints checkpoints.csv

How To Upgrade from an Older Version

(Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • run the old TurtleCoind to sync your chain fully
  • with the old TurtleCoind fully synced, open zedwallet
  • open your wallet
  • export your SPEND and VIEW keys, this is important. export_keys If you are in windows, right click the titlebar of the CMD window and select EDIT then MARK so be able to copy and paste your keys.
  • Unzip the new files into a NEW FOLDER outside of the old version folder
  • Close the old version folder TurtleCoind and zedwallet by typing exit into each window
  • Run the new TurtleCoind
  • Run the new zedwallet
  • Press I for IMPORT in zedwallet
  • Use any filename for the wallet name, it does not have to be the same
  • Use any password for wallet password, it does not have to be the same as the last
  • Enter your spend_key and your view_key from step 4

RPC API Changes

Developers seeking to integrate turtle-service into their applications should note this crucial change from other CryptoNote coins.

Mandatory authentication has been added to the JSON RPC API interfaces of turtle-service. To maintain back compatibility with old services, the --rpc-legacy-security flag has been introduced to allow password-less access to the RPC.

However, all new applications going forward should make use of the --rpc-password flag to enable authentication of JSON RPC queries.

To pass the password to the RPC interface, add an additional field password to the JSON object:

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "transfer",
    "params": {},
    "password": "<the password>"

How To Compile

[new!] Raspberry Pi 3 B+

The following images are known to work. Please make sure you are running a 64-bit Pi release.

OS Distribution

Ubuntu 18.xx LTS

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential python-dev gcc g++ cmake git libboost-all-dev
git clone -b master https://github.com/turtlecoin/turtlecoin
cd turtlecoin
mkdir build && cd $_
cmake .. && make

Windows 10


  • Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
  • When installing Visual Studio, it is absolutely important you install C++ capabilities, and the vc++ v140 toolchain when selecting features. You will need this for cmake, MSBuild and other commands.
  • Install Boost 1.59.0, ensure to download the installer for MSVC 14.


  • Use the start menu or similar to open 'x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for vs2017' command prompt.
  • cd <your_turtlecoin_directory>
  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 Win64" .. -DBOOST_ROOT=D:/Boost/boost_1_59_0 (Or your boost installed dir.)
  • MSBuild TurtleCoin.sln /p:Configuration=Release
  • At this point, this will create a .sln file in the 'build' directory. Open this .sln in Visual Studio 2017 and click 'Build Solution' under the 'Build' Menu Item.
  • If all went well, it will complete successfully, and you will find all your binaries in the ..\build\src\Debug directory, or the ..\build\src\Release directory if you built with release enabled.



  • Install cmake. See here if you are unable call cmake from the terminal after installing.
  • Install the boost libraries. Either compile boost manually or run brew install boost.
  • Install XCode and Developer Tools.


  • git clone -b master https://github.com/turtlecoin/turtlecoin
  • cd turtlecoin
  • mkdir build && cd $_
  • cmake .. or cmake -DBOOST_ROOT=<path_to_boost_install> .. when building
    from a specific boost install
  • make

The binaries will be in ./src after compilation is complete.


See the TurtleCoin Release page for the full change history.


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