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linkao3(...) (
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linkfp(...) (
linkaff(...) (


Tags work by adding them into any comment or post. They are as follows:

  • ffnbot!slim removes all metadata from bot replies except story/author name, word count, and download links. Add this tag if you're linking a bunch of fics.
  • ffnbot!directlinks will parse any links (or hyperlink) to any supported website and generate a reply similar to the examples below. Useful if you want to use hyperlinks in your post instead of manually calling the bot with linksite(...).
  • ffnbot!submissionlink will parse the link of the submission to any supported website and will generate a reply for it.
  • ffnbot!parent will call ffnbot!directlinks and ffnbot!submissionlink on the parent comment. Useful for when someone doesn't use the bot - you can just reply to their comment with ffnbot!directlinks and the bot will generate a reply
  • ffnbot!ignore will make sure the bot will not parse your comment. Use if you do not want the bot to create a reply even if someone else wants to see the full bot reply by calling ffnbot!parent.
  • ffnbot!refresh will refresh bot comments. Use if you've edited your post or in general want the bot to update it's comment! Reply to a comment with fic requests to have the bot delete its prior replies and create new ones.

To hide a tag, you can add a bunch of ^ to superscript the tag away. So you could do ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ffnbot!directlinks to use that tag and have it not appear in your comment! Useful for aesthetics.

Calling the bot:

To link all stories from a thread:

  • linksub(SUBMISSION_URL) will recommend an entire thread's submissions. Great if you want to recommend every story from a previous thread.

To link a story:

  • linkffn(Harry Potter and the Natural 20) - you can use the name of the story. (A bad idea if your story is generically named - try another method!)

  • linkffn(Harry Potter and the Natural 20 by Sir Poley) - You can use the author name in the link request for more accuracy. This is especially helpful if your requested fic has a generic name. (Almost always accurate.)

  • linkffn( - You can use direct links or the URL. (100% accurate!)

  • linkffn(8096183) - You can use the story ID. (100% accurate!)

  • You can use the ffnbot!directlinks tag with links in your post:

[Check out this awesome fic!]( ffnbot!directlinks

  • linkffn(By the Divining Light; Conlaodh's Song) - You can namedrop multiple links in a comment by separating queries with semicolons.
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