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React Kit

A example application that watches your React jsx files, compiles them and then bundles them using webpack. The project also uses sass. If you are a less user, simply change the Gruntfile.js and add the task that you need.

Pull requests are welcome.

Running the project

npm install
npm run dev

Bundled goodies

  • Webpack
  • React
  • SASS
  • Grunt tasks to build your react component tree using weback, that also watches for changes to to your components when run using npm run dev.
  • A basic nodejs server based on expressjs 4 that serves your html pages

  • All your javascript code goes under client/js
  • All your css/scss goes under 'client/scss'
  • To add new pages, add the component to client/js/pages and then include it in the grunt/webpack.js - entry name.