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Supports to interact with properties file
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This project support for interact with properties file

Code Example

1. Get all classes're mapped to keys in properties file

	try {
		Map<Object, Class<?>> classes = new ClassFetcher.Builder()
			.reader(new BaseFileReader()) //or Base64FileReader
	} catch (PropertiesFileException e) {

2. Get class mapped to key in properites file

	try {
		Class<User> = new ClassFetcher.Builder()
			.reader(new BaseFileReader()) //or Base64FileReader
			.fetch("key name");
	} catch (PropertiesFileException e) {

3. Create a factory and use this factory for creating a new instance

Let's say you have a properties file that save pairs of interface and implementation class, example:


and you want to create an instance of interface, you can do: Step 1: Init a factory, example:

	InstanceFactory.defaultInstance().initialize("array of properties files");

Step 2: Use the factory to create interface's instance from implementation class, example:

	IClassA instance = InstanceFactory.defaultInstance().getPrototype(IClassA.class);

Step 3: (Optional) If you want to create singleton instance of interface, you can do, example:

	IClassA instance = InstanceFactory.defaultInstance().getSingleton(IClassA.class);

4. Map properties file to object

Let's say you have a properties file "":

capacity = 1000 id = 1001 maxRoomVariablesAllowed = 30 maxSpectators = 50

and you want to map it to RoomConfig object, you can do:

	RoomConfig room = new PropertiesMapper()
		.reader(new BaseFileReader())

and if you encode properties file with base64 you can do:

	RoomConfig room = new PropertiesMapper()
		.reader(new Base64FileReader())

4. Convert an object to a map

Sometimes you want to convert an object to a map, you can do:

	PropertiesBean map = new PropertiesBean(ClassA.class);


	PropertiesBean map = new PropertiesBean(new ClassA());

5. Use annotation to map properties file to object or convert an object to a map

Sometimes you have properties files with list of key and value, but key name is not same with field name, to map them, you can do:

public class RoomConfig {
    @Setter @Getter
    protected int variablesCount;
    @Setter @Getter
    protected boolean isPublic;
    // your code


Because sometimes we want to make loose coupling source code, we want to use factory design pattern, we want to map a properties file to object, convert an object to map, so I make this project for that mean



API Reference


mvn test




  • Apache License, Version 2.0
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