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NOTE: We have moved from Google Code to here.

The new version 3 included in tv_grab_py_API v1 has moved to its own repository at:


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tv_grab_nl_py is een XMLTV-compatibele grabber voor Nederlandse en Vlaamse televisie die,,,,,,, en als bron gebruikt.

Prettige eigenschappen zijn:

  • detailinformatie wordt gecached
  • categorie-informatie wordt geconverteerd zodat de kleurcodering werkt in de EPG van MythTV
  • instelbaar aantal dagen dat met detailinformatie wordt opgehaald
  • links naar zenderlogo's worden automatisch toegevoegd

Sinds versie 2:

  • meerdere bronnen
  • meer kanalen
  • meer configuratie mogelijkheden
  • tot 14 dagen programma informatie!
  • deels seizoen/episode informatie

Sinds versie 2.2:

  • sqlite als cache format
  • nog meer bronnen
  • bijna complete seizoen/episode informatie mede dankzij lookup.
  • nog betere configurabiliteit

###English Summary

tv_grab_nl_py is an XMLTV-compatible grabber for Dutch and Flemish television that uses,,,,,,, and as a source.

###Release Notes Versie 2 p20151217 version 2.2.7

  • With a New Belgium Source Supplying some extra Flemish channels and description etc. for channels, like the Flemish Regionals on
  • Some updates on handeling sourcematching.json
  • Some small updates.
  • Added log mailing option: set mail_log = True in your config and give a valid mailserver (default = localhost), mailport (default = 25) and mail_log_address (default = postmaster) You should test in a console as the log is already closed when sending it!
  • sourcematching.json moved to a separate repository

p20151130 version 2.2.6

  • Updates on source linking and channelgrouping. Split between Dutch/Flemish listings and between French/German listings.
  • New option --group_active_channels to add to --configure to group all active channels together on the top.
  • Added channel merging for combined channels like bbc3/cbbc and bbc4/cbeebies, Veronica/DisneyXD and Ketnet/Canvas+/Eén+. This can mean you have to change the XMLTVid.
  • The not merged XMLTVids are:
    • BBC 3: 300
    • BBC 4: 301
    • Cbeebies: cbeebies
    • Ketnet: 8-ketnet
    • Eén+: 8-eenplus
    • Veronica: 34
    • Disney XD: 311
  • The mergedd XMLTVids are:
    • BBC Three / CBBC: 5-24443943013
    • BBC Four / Cbeebies: 5-24443943080
    • Ketnet / Canvas+ / Eén+: ketnet-canvas-2
    • Veronica / Disney XD: veronica
  • All the data-tables needed by configure are moved to a separate file sourcematching.json. This file will be downloaded every run. This means also that the minimal required Python version has gone up to 2.7.9. Whenever this file is updated you get a message in your log to run --configure. Also when a new stable release is available you will get a message in your log!
  • Added config option always_use_json. This is by default on, but can be turned off if you have custom channel-names, groups or prime_sources. They then will be maintained, but also not all updates through sourcematching.json might come through. If a prime_source setting from sourcematching.json is ignored, it will be mentioned in your log.
  • Bugfix on source crashing on the end of the month. p20151116 version 2.2.5
  • Especially for our Flemish users, as a new source.
    This adds some of the on removed channels AND Flemish Regional channels.
    For now it has only time and title information (unless one of the other sources brings in more) and for 6 or 7 days ahead. Possibly at a later stage I can add the descriptions from their detail pages. But maybe someone knows a better source? Maybe also for extra (Flemish) radio channels?
  • Further added new season/episode info from the detail pages.
  • And some fixes

p20151110 version 2.2.4

  • Updated source. See issue #46. xmltvid's originating from this source (starting with '6-') are no longer valid. They either changed or the channels where removed on the source!
  • New source with especially more radio channels.
  • Fixed the --configure option to properly update the configuration also removing outdated (invalid) sourceid's especially from
  • Some missing icons added.
  • Some fresh User agents
  • Some small bugs fixed.

p20151030 version 2.2.3

  • Small fix for extra space in important tag on preventing the page being read.

p20151022 version 2.2.2

  • Pure for Windows users optional CP1252 output coding with --output-windows-codesetoption
  • Small bugfix (see output for NPO 3 sa 24-10 23:09)

p20150927 version 2.2.1 Bug fix for channels hanging when neither requesting details nor ttvdb lookups. (This already would fix itself after 30 minutes of inactivity)

p20150917 version 2.2.0

  • Renewed logging module.
  • Renewed structure to easier add new sources. You now also can simply disable a source.
  • Renewed, more flexible configuration format. It will automatically be converted the first time. If you come from earlier alfa or beta releases, you might have to throw away your old config.
  • The cache is moved to an sqlite database and now also contains buffered channel and data. It will automatically be converted the first time. This can, depending on the size of your old cache, take some time.
  • Since the first beta some tuning has been done on the sqlite engine and it is much faster. The tuning means that in case of a computercrash the db possibly can get corrupted. Therefore a backup is made at the start of every run
  • New sources: and
  • Updated source. It now also contains the public radio stations
  • lookup for incomplete episode information. Now unlike in the alfa release, fully integrated. So no longer dependent on MythTV functionality
  • There has been limited testing under Windows7 and some things have been adapted.
  • and lots more. See the Configuratie WIKI page.

p20150907 version 2.1.13
Fix on previous

p20150901 version 2.1.12
Disabled no longer existing source

p20150820 version 2.1.11
Fix for the cookie block

p20150817 version 2.1.10
A lot of improvements to prevent hanging. Especially better inter-thread communication and locking.
Wrapper script for tvheadend.
Fix on a following episode disappearing due to equal ID.
Removed line breaks from the description.
Added log flushing.

p20150628 version 2.1.9
Fix for changed detailpage and new page.
Invalidated Python 2.6.
Better cache crash recovery.
Fixed a hang on certain crashes.
Fetch for today on without date.
Use fresh title in stead of from the cache.
Some small fixes and code sanitation.

p20150616 version 2.1.8
Intermediate version to fix disabling npo.

p20150531 version 2.1.7
Also stripped Episode numbering from Sports events. MythTV else will change category to Series.
Optimized the new source, adding a new option use_npo, which is on by default and can be set both global and per channel. Real endtimes are used, separately programming the info/commercial breaks.
Added a new source, which only provides 'superior' timings for three days for the dutch public NPO and regional channels. It's use for now is implied.
Added Kijkwijzer info from Added new, last-chance and premiere from
Added Kijkwijzer info from
Added imdb start-rating from
Added country, original title from
Switched teveblad to the old solopages, with the grouppages as backup.
Some fine-tuning
Some further changes to conform with the xmltv standard
Added new channeloption add_hd_id to create two listings for a channel, one with HD tagging and one without

p20150512 version 2.1.6
New base fetch for with the old one left for redundancy
New detail fetch for the renewed pages
Added a json detail fetch for for redundancy
Added beter conformity with the xmltv standard

p20150501 version 2.1.5
Fixed a bug, that could cause the script to hang on an error in a detailpage, resuling in excessive processor use.
Added 'prefered_description' channel option.
This option sets the preferred source for the descriptions for that channel, falling back to defaults(the longest one found) if no description present.
Also removed the adding of 'slowdays = None' to a new config. It means use default, so not needed.

p20150406 version 2.1.4
Bugfix on offset
Bugfix on detailfetch storing

p20150403 version 2.1.3
Bugfix on new cache creation

p20150329 version 2.1.2
Minor updates
With updated MythTV script Preparations for future external graphical frontend
Added some option value checks
Made it possible (as suggested) to run without cache. But who wants that?
Fixed illogical detail fetch counter since 2.1.0

p20150303 version 2.1.1
Added a warning on configure to enable the desired channels

p20150302 version 2.1.0
Bugfix for changed current date format
Added a retry loop around the prime page fetches.
Added the channel switch 'append_tvgidstv'
Fixed fetching a day to long (days versus days ahead)
Enhanced some output
Remodeled configuration file giving the possibility to configure on channel level.
This will get automatically upgraded on the first run.
Added the possibility to grab channels without counterpart on
There are now a possible 178 channels. Fetching all for one day takes about 2 houres 20!
You can set which source will be leading in the timmings.
Added further multy threading, giving every channel and every source it's own thread, thus optimizing the fetch
Added use of very nice teveblad icons
Made the code more universal to easy add extra sources.

p20150302 version 2.0.4
Bugfix for changed current date format
With updated MythTV script

p20150210 version 2.0.3
Small change in --description argument for compatibility with tvheadend.

p20150210 version 2.0.2
fixed small bug in configuring new channel list.

p20150210 version 2.0.1
added further channel ID linking between and

p20150209 version 2.0.0
Fixed stupid error in groupnameremove table processing
Updated default cattrans table
Fixed some more failures
Added On/Off as boolean values in the configuration file
Adjusted Statistics Log output
Updated default cattrans table
Made default groupnameremove table only be used on first creation.
Fixed some failures on detail fetching due to invalid HTML/XMLtags in the website
Adjusted some helptext

p20150126 Initial release Version 2.0.0-beta