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Slay the Spire exporter

A simple mod for Slay the Spire that can export card images, relics, potions, and monster images.

How to use it

Simply load the mod with ModTheSpire. Then click on 'mods' -> 'Spire Exporter' -> 'config' -> 'Export now'. This creates a directory "export" that contains the exported images and data in HTML format.

By default only modded items will be exported.

Changing the export format

The exporter uses JTwig, and it is very easy to write your own templates. See the cardlist markdown template for an example. Changing the template currently requires the mod to be recompiled, but if there is demand for it this could easily be changed.


  1. Download ModTheSpire.jar
  2. Move ModTheSpire.jar into your Slay The Spire directory. This directory is likely to be found under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire.
  3. Create a mods folder in your Slay The Spire directory
  4. Download BaseMod.jar, and place it in the mods folder.
  5. Download StSExporter.jar, and place it in the mods folder.
  6. Your modded version of Slay The Spire can now be launched by double-clicking on ModTheSpire.jar
  7. This will open a mod select menu where you need to make sure that both BaseMod and Spire Exporter are checked before clicking play


Card image export tool for Slay the Spire




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