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v4.3.0 ship list #27893

mdo opened this issue Dec 21, 2018 · 0 comments

v4.3.0 ship list #27893

mdo opened this issue Dec 21, 2018 · 0 comments


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@mdo mdo commented Dec 21, 2018


  • New: Added .stretched-link utility to make any anchor the size of it's nearest position: relative parent, perfect for entirely clickable cards!
  • New: Added .text-break utility for applying word-break: break-word
  • New: Added .rounded-sm and .rounded-lg for small and large border-radius.
  • New: Added .modal-dialog-scrollable modifier class for scrolling content within a modal.
  • New: Added responsive .list-group-horizontal modifier classes for displaying list groups as a horizontal row.
  • Improved: Reduced our compiled CSS by using null for variables that by default inherit their values from other elements (e.g., $headings-color was inherit and is now null until you modifier it in your custom CSS).
  • Improved: Badge focus styles now match their background-color like our buttons.
  • Fixed: Silenced bad selectors in our JS plugins for the href HTML attribute to avoid JavaScript errors. Please try to use valid selectors or the data-target HTML attribute/target option where available.
  • Fixed: Reverted v4.2.1's change to the breakpoint and grid container Sass maps that blocked folks from upgrading when modifying those default variables.
  • Fixed: Restored white-space: nowrap to .dropdown-toggle (before v4.2.1 it was on all .btns) so carets don't wrap to new lines.
  • Deprecated: img-retina, invisible, float, and size mixins are now deprecated and will be removed in v5.


  • #23816: RFS (Responsive font size) implementation
  • #26184: Add .stretched link utility for turning an anchor into a larger hit area
  • #27021: Move hand cursor for buttons to reboot
  • #27136: Match the .badge focus styles to their background-colors like buttons
  • #27750: Scope arrow styles to direct descendants of popover classes
  • #27769: Scrollable modal
  • #27846: Match .table-dark's background-color to the $gray-dark variable
  • #27850: Add $table-hover-color variables
  • #27857: Add variable for $dropdown-divider-margin-y
  • #27863, #28063: Add new .text-break utility for applying overflow-wrap: break-word, falling back to word-break: break-word
  • #27870: Prevent .form-check inputs from shrinking in narrow widths
  • #27873: Fix incorrect responsive alignment of dropdown menu
  • #27874: Sync modal header and footer border colors with $border-color
  • #27875: Sync $table-border-color with $border-color
  • #27880: Prevent unnecessary CSS output for emphasized links
  • #27881: fix border issue for nested card inside accordions
  • #27883: Use border-radius() mixin for toasts
  • #27901: Simplify card group css
  • #27910: Fix 4:3 embed
  • #27917: Configurable display utility classes
  • #27929: Fix custom select font sizes
  • #27932: Prevent select word wrap in Safari
  • #27935: Fix form-feedback-icon-invalid color
  • #27941: Match input font size for .input-group-text
  • #27963: Sync custom select focus with form control focus
  • #27970: Add horizontal list group modifier
  • #27972, #28004: take into account 'none' for box-shadow
  • #27985: Remove screen from media query
  • #27986: Make progress animation respect $enable-transitions and prefers-reduced-motion media query
  • #27994: Allow configuration of caret spacing and vertical alignment
  • #27995: Make dropdown font size configurable.
  • #27996: Move z-index from .list-group-item to .list-group-item-action
  • #27999: Add form-validation-states Sass map
  • #28008: Cleanup popover arrows.
  • #28011: Add new rounded sizes classes
  • #28018: Fix input-height-inner wrongly calculated
  • #28027: Change default custom select styles
  • #28029: Prevent wrapping if caret is included
  • #28033: Remove map-merge in $grid-breakpoints and $container-max-widths
  • #28035: Make component colors configurable
  • #28036, #28039, #28040: Prevent rendering properties that have "unused" default values
  • #28037: Remove background from nested tables
  • #28042, #28043: Combine background-* properties into shorthands
  • #28064: Add !important to .text-monospace utility class
  • #28066: Deprecate invisible() mixin
  • #28067: Deprecate size() mixin
  • #28068: Optional btn & input font family
  • #28072: Deprecate img-retina() mixin
  • #28092, #28103: Add deprecate() mixin
  • #28100: Create border-top-left-radius and border-bottom-right-radius mixins
  • #28104: Deprecate float mixins
  • #28112: Fix custom select caret issue in IE
  • #28119: Fix validated custom select bg color
  • #28127: Fix dropdown radius if $dropdown-padding-y is not 0
  • #28153: Remove -ms-autohiding-scrollbar to prevent overlapping the table content
  • #28157: Sync .btn-link text decoration with link text decoration


  • #27912: getSelectorFromElement return null on bad selectors
  • #27968: carousel should not cycle when there is no data-ride on initialization
  • #28046: Fix Carousel's touch option to not add touch listeners when set to false
  • #28130: Add support for tooltip offset option to be a function
  • #28138: Move dropdown offset function logic into private function
  • #28183: fix tabs, apply show class only when fade class is present
  • #28186: allow to override the default toast options


  • #27849: Mention the IE10/11 min-height bug with flexbox
  • #27853: List out what's explicitly supported in validation styles
  • #27897: Remove obsolete redirects in examples
  • #27902: Add two new meta tags for Algolia
  • #27906: Add horizontal card example
  • #27916: Add Open Collective to header
  • #27931: toasts: mention that positioning is manual
  • #27952: Add a few more redirects
  • #27990: use the twitter Jekyll variable everywhere
  • #28038: Add space between button examples
  • #28093: Add canonical URL
  • #28140: Fix negative margin example
  • #28147: redirect /docs/4.2/components/ to the alerts page
  • #28188: Remove outdated reference to not-allowed cursor
  • #28193: Fix .nav-justified example
  • #28200: Optimize and normalize SVGs
  • #28218: Prevent text selection in placeholder images
  • #28220: remove -ms-overflow-style: -ms-autohiding-scrollbar as per #28153


  • #27933: Blog example IE fix & minor tweaks
  • #28051: add tabindex="-1" and aria-disabled="true" on disabled links
  • #28203: Offcanvas example: transition the transform


  • #27894: Update nuspec and build script

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