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CSS inliner support for Twig
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Twig CSS Inliner Extension

This package provides a CSS inliner filter (inline_css) for Twig and a Symfony bundle.

If you are not using Symfony, register the extension on Twig's Environment manually:

use Twig\CssInliner\CssInlinerExtension;
use Twig\Environment;

$twig = new Environment(...);
$twig->addExtension(new CssInlinerExtension());

Use the inline_css filter from a Twig template:

{% filter inline_css %}
                p { color: red; }
            <p>Hello CSS!</p>
{% endfilter %}

You can also add some stylesheets by passing them as arguments to the filter:

{% filter inline_css(source("some_styles.css"), source("another.css")) %}
            <p>Hello CSS!</p>
{% endfilter %}

Styles loaded via the filter override the styles defined in the <style> tag of the HTML document.

You can also use the filter on an included file:

{{ include('some_template.html.twig')|inline_css }}

{{ include('some_template.html.twig')|inline_css(source("some_styles.css")) }}

Note that the CSS inliner works on an entire HTML document, not a fragment.

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