Play Chess over SMS!


ChesSMS is an application that lets you play Chess over SMS, powered by Twilio. A blog about it can be read here.



Erlang/OTP R15B01 (may work on older versions)


ChesSMS uses rebar. To build it...

./rebar get-deps
./rebar compile

Choosing a Chess Engine

ChesSMS should in theory work with any UCI compatible chess engine. It is known to work with Stockfish.

If using stockfish, compile it according to your machine and copy the binary to priv/bin/stockfish.

If using another Chess Engine, you can put the binary where ever you want but you'll have to modify src/ and change the engine_path configuration parameter.


If everything has been built correctly, you should be able to run:

erl -pa ebin deps/*/ebin -s chessms_server -chessms_server port 7000

Connecting to SMS

To connect ChesSMS to an SMS enabled Twilio number, sign up for Twilio and buy a number (if you haven't already). Configure the SMS URL of the phone number to point where your ChesSMS server is running.

Now, you should be able to text "play" to your Twilio phone number to start a chess game!


Contributions are welcome. If you're looking for things to add, checkout the Issues page.