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Labview Twinleaf I/O

This package implements a communications protocol in labview to work with Twinleaf sensors using Twinleaf I/O (TIO) as the communications layer. Data from the sensors is received via PUB messages and sensor parameters may be changed using REQ/REP messages.

VM Monitor

An included example for monitoring data from a Twinleaf VMR vector magnetometer.



Unzip or clone into the instr.lib folder in the Labview installation directory.


Several example VIs are available:

  • VM Monitor: view and log data from a Twinleaf VMR sensor.
  • CSB Control: Adjust the output of a Twinleaf CSB current supply.

These examples can be called with "url" that is either a serial port (ASRL47::INSTR, COMx) or a net url such as tcp://localhost if using a serial port proxy such as the one in tio-tools.


VM Monitor

The execution is threaded by virtue of three separate loops: an event loop (top), a stream loop (middle), and, in this case, a signal processing loop (bottom). Stream data returns from the TIO Device Tick VI and can be converted to a useful array using TIO Data Stream. RPC is handled using named queues.


  • Heartbeat
  • Close port