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Twemoji Parser Build Status

A simple library for identifying emoji entities within a string in order to render them as Twemoji.

For example, this parser is used within the rendering flow for Tweets and other text on


Add twemoji-parser as a dependency to your project:

yarn add twemoji-parser

Or, to work directly in this repo, clone it and run yarn install from the repo root.


The tests are intended to serve as a more exhaustive source of documentation, but the general idea is that the parser takes a string and returns an array of the emoji entities it finds:

import { parse } from 'twemoji-parser';
const entities = parse('I 🧡 Twemoji! 🥳');
entities = [
    url: '',
    indices: [ 2, 4 ],
    text: '🧡',
    type: 'emoji'
    url: '',
    indices: [ 12, 14 ],
    text: '🥳',
    type: 'emoji'


  • Nathan Downs <ndowns [at] twitter [dot] com>

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