Web-based, polyglot research platform.
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Beaker - the data scientist's laboratory

Beaker is a code notebook that allows you to analyze, visualize, and document data using multiple programming languages. Beaker's plugin-based polyglot architecture enables you to seamlessly switch between languages in your documents and add support for your favorite languages that we've missed.

Beaker is both a server that you can run in the cloud, an application that you can download and run, and a Docker container that you can run anywhere.

This page is for developers. If you want to use or learn more about Beaker, see the home page.



Publication Server

Notebooks can published and converted into web pages that anyone can access with an ordinary web browser, even on a mobile device. This free service is integrated into the application, and can be applied with just one click to any cell, section, or a whole notebook. Plots and tables remain interactive in published version. Learn more, and explore a variety of notebooks from the user community on the publication server.

Build, test, and run instructions

See the page for your platform for how to build from source: Ubuntu, Mac, Windows, and Docker. We use gradle to compile the project.

Say cd test; ./runner to run the end-to-end tests with Protractor.

Say cd test; ./perftest to run performance tests with Protractor. Performance tests are pretty demanding and will lock up the browser performing the tests. Any interaction with the browser while the tests are running will affect the tests and skew the results.

Build Status

To enable the debug menu, add the following to your beaker.pref.json file:

"notebook-app-menu-plugins": ["./plugin/menu/debug.js"]

Presentation and Demo on YouTube

Greenwood and Draves speak

Language support

We currently provide support for Python, R, Julia, Groovy, Ruby, Java, Scala, Kdb, Clojure, JavaScript, HTML, Markdown, and LaTeX.

Beaker supports autotranslation of variables between languages. For example, you can read and process some data in Python, model it with R, and then turn that into an interactive visualization with Javascript.


Beaker is primarily composed of a Java server and a Javascript client. There are plugins for each language, and interaction plugins as well. The architecture and the organization of the source is code is covered in the Architecture wiki.

Plugin specifications: Evaluator plugins, Menu plugins, Output display plugins

Open source

Beaker's full source code and documentation is available under the Apache 2.0 license.


We welcome developers to extend and improve Beaker in ways that can benefit everyone. In order for us to accept your code or pull request, we need for you to fill out and email back to us a scan of a signed copy of the Contributor License Agreement.

We're also looking to expand our full-time, NYC-based engineering team with a full-stack web developer.