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It's "less" for your data!

ngrid is a tool for interactive browsing large tabular datasets in a text-based terminal enviroment. ngrid is to tables as less is to text.


pip install git+

Command line

The ngrid command reads CSV data from a file, or from standard input if no filename is specified, and displays it in an interactive, ncurses-based grid.

By default, ngrid loads rows incrementally from its input, so that it can quickly present the beginning of a long file or stream without loading the entirety of the data. (The total line count in the status bar shows "+" to indicate that more lines are available but have not been read.) It does however store all data it has already seen, so that you can always scroll backward.

With the --dataframe option, ngrid instead loads the entire input into a Pandas dataframe at startup. This may result in better guesses for column display parameters, such as width and decimal precision.

In the interactive display, press h to show usage help; press q to exit.


Use ngrid.grid.show_dataframe() to show a Pandas dataframe. As with the command line program, press q to exit the interactive display and return control.

ngrid works only in an ncurses-compatible terminal; it won't work in IPython Notebook, most IDEs, or similar graphical environments.


Copyright (c) 2014, Two Sigma Open Source. All rights reserved. Released under the BSD three-clause license. See LICENSE.txt for details.