Python utility code for handling spherical Voronoi Diagrams
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Voronoi diagrams on the surface of a Sphere

Update: Please use scipy 0.18 (scipy.spatial.SphericalVoronoi) for performing spherical Voronoi diagram calculations in Python -- the most robust version of the code is there, while this repo mostly exists for historical reasons and may contain bugs that have been patched by the collaborative work implementing the algorithm into scipy.

Note that the most robust version of this code is now in a scipy PR:

Slides from PyData London 2015 presentation about this package:

A Python module for obtaining Voronoi diagrams on the surfaces of spheres, including the calculation of Voronoi region surface areas. Applications may range from calculating area per lipid in spherical viruses to geographical parsing.

The documentation for the project is available here:

This project is still in development and some of the algorithm weaknesses are highlighted in the above documentation.

Please cite: DOI

For contributions:

  • ensure most/all unit tests pass (run: nosetests)
  • ensure all doctests pass (run: python
  • if you import new modules, you may need to mock them in the Sphinx documentation file so that the docs are properly compiled by readthedocs
  • attempt to match the numpy documentation standard as closely as possible