A delightfully-opinionated Elvish configuration
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A delightfully-opinionated Elvish configuration.

Currently it shows:

  • Current working directory
  • Current Git branch and rich repo status in prompt readline.
    • ? — untracked changes;
    • + — uncommitted changes in the index;
    • ! — unstaged changes;
    • » — renamed files;
    • — deleted files;
    • $ — stashed changes [WIP];
    • § — unmerged changes;
    • — ahead of remote branch;
    • — behind of remote branch;
    • — diverged changes.
  • Current Git SHA
  • Colorized time since last commit
  • A red marker () if last command exits with non-zero code.



Disclaimer: Gondolin will work best on macOS and Linux.

  • Unix-like operating system
  • Elvish should be installed (v0.11 or newer, use elvish --buildinfo to confirm version).
  • git should be installed

Basic Installation

Gondolin can be installed and configured using the Elvish Package Manager (epm)

use epm

epm:install github.com/tylerreckart/gondolin

use github.com/tylerreckart/gondolin/gondolin