An sbt plugin that integrates Eta into Scala projects.
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An sbt plugin that overrides the build cycle to compile Etlas projects located in src/main/eta. It also provides tasks for compiling & running Scala/Eta programs.


  • Etlas >= && <
    • Make sure it's visible on the PATH.

      etlas --version

See this issue if you want to know why the recent versions of Etlas are not yet supported.


Add the following to your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.typelead" % "sbt-eta" % "0.1.0")


An example project integration Eta with Scala is provided in the example directory.


  1. Create a standard Scala/SBT project using your favorite method.

  2. Create the src/main/eta folder.

  3. Run etlas init inside that folder to initialize an Etlas project.

  4. Write Scala/Eta code to perform your task.

  5. Start up sbt and run the compile and/or run task.


etaSource in Compile := (sourceDirectory in Compile).value / "something"
  • Type: File
  • Default: src/main/eta

This is the root of your Etlas project.

etaTarget := target.value / "something"
  • Type: File
  • Default: target/eta/dist

This is where all of Etlas's build artifacts are stored.


sbt-eta is available under the BSD 3-Clause License, see LICENSE for more information.