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A simple online fake REST API server
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JSONPlaceholder is a simple fake REST API for testing and prototyping.

It's like an image placeholder but for web developers.

JSONPlaceholder is powered by JSON Server.


Most of the time when trying a new library, hacking a prototype or following a tutorial, I found myself in need of some data.

I didn't like the idea of using some public API because I had the feeling that I was spending more time registering a client and understanding a complex API than focusing on my task.

But I liked the idea of image placeholders for web designers. So I decided to code a little Express server inspired by that and here is JSONPlaceholder.

You can find it running here and are free to use it in your developments:

I hope you will find it useful.


  • No registration
  • Zero-config
  • Basic API
  • "Has many" relationships
  • Filters and nested resources
  • Cross-domain (CORS and JSONP)
  • Supports GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE and OPTIONS verbs
  • Compatible with React, Angular, Vue, Ember, ...


For examples and more, you can visit

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