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The TypeScript Definition Manager.

Deprecation Notice: Regarding TypeScript@2.0

For users doing typings install dt~<package> --global and receiving errors.

Starting from TypeScript 2.0, users can install typings using npm install @types/<package>. These typings are coming from DefinitelyTyped. In the future, we hope redirects will be enabled to support existing maintainers to contribute effectively to NPM's @types as they did to typings/registry.

Typings on DefinitelyTyped have also moved to the external module format supported by TypeScript. This finally solved the real problem that Typings was trying to solve! It also means it will cause errors such as:

> typings install dt~angular --global 

typings ERR! message Attempted to compile "angular" as a global module,
but it looks like an external module. You'll need to remove the global option to continue.

To resolve this, we recommend moving to TypeScript 2.0's official aquisition method (npm install @types/angular). You can also drop the --global flag from typings, though some definitions on DefinitelyTyped may not work with the Typings approach because of new TypeScript features (namely UMD namespaces).

This project will remain operational for the foreseeable future, but is effectively deprecated. New projects should use @types from NPM.

Quick Start

# Install Typings CLI utility.
npm install typings --global

# Search for definitions.
typings search tape

# Find a definition by name.
typings search --name react

# If you use the package as a module:
# Install non-global typings (defaults to "npm" source, configurable through `defaultSource` in `.typingsrc`).
typings install debug --save

# If you use the package through `<script>`, it is part of the environment, or
# the module typings are not yet available, try searching and installing with `--global`:
typings install dt~mocha --global --save

# If you need a specific commit from github.
typings install d3=github:DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/d3/d3.d.ts#1c05872e7811235f43780b8b596bfd26fe8e7760 --global --save

# Search and install by version.
typings info env~node --versions
typings install env~node@0.10 --global --save

# Install typings from a particular source (use `<source>~<name>` or `--source <source>`).
typings install env~atom --global --save
typings install bluebird --source npm --save

# Use `typings/index.d.ts` (in `tsconfig.json` or as a `///` reference).
cat typings/index.d.ts


Typings is the simple way to manage and install TypeScript definitions. It uses typings.json, which can resolve to the Typings Registry, GitHub, NPM, Bower, HTTP and local files. Packages can use type definitions from various sources and different versions, knowing they will never conflict for users.

typings install debug --save

The public registry is maintained by the community, and is used to resolve official type definitions for JavaScript packages.

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  • npm - dependencies from NPM
  • github - dependencies directly from GitHub (E.g. Duo, JSPM)
  • bitbucket - dependencies directly from Bitbucket
  • jspm: - dependencies from installed JSPM packages with typings distributed. Requires jspm@0.17+.
  • bower - dependencies from Bower
  • common - "standard" libraries without a known "source"
  • shared - shared library functionality
  • lib - shared environment functionality (mirror of shared) (--global)
  • env - environments (E.g. atom, electron) (--global)
  • global - global (window.<var>) libraries (--global)
  • dt - typings from DefinitelyTyped (usually --global)


# Installation
# Fork this repo (
# Clone the fork (E.g. `<your_username>/typings.git`)
cd typings

# Install modules
npm install

# Build
npm run build

# Test
npm run test

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