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  1. image-optimize-command image-optimize-command Public

    Easily optimize images using WP CLI

    PHP 163 18

  2. imposter-plugin imposter-plugin Public

    Composer plugin that wraps all composer vendor packages inside your own namespace. Intended for WordPress plugins.

    PHP 139 11

  3. vagrant-trellis-sequel vagrant-trellis-sequel Public

    Open Trellis databases in Sequel Pro with a single command

    Ruby 35

  4. sunny sunny Public

    Automatically purge Cloudflare cache, including cache everything rules.

    PHP 34 3

  5. trellis-cloudflare-origin-ca trellis-cloudflare-origin-ca Public

    Add Cloudflare Origin CA to Trellis as a SSL provider

    Jinja 35 7

  6. wp-password-argon-two wp-password-argon-two Public

    Securely store WordPress user passwords in database with Argon2i hashing and SHA-512 HMAC using PHP's native functions.

    PHP 22 2


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