@philr philr released this Sep 25, 2013 · 110 commits to master since this release

  • TZInfo is now thread safe. ThreadSafe::Cache is now used instead of Hash to cache Timezone and Country instances returned by Timezone.get and Country.get. The tzinfo gem now depends on thread_safe ~> 0.1.
  • Added a transitions_up_to method to Timezone that returns a list of the times where the UTC offset of the timezone changes.
  • Added an offsets_up_to method to Timezone that returns the set of offsets that have been observed in a defined timezone.
  • Fixed a "can't modify frozen String" error when loading a Timezone from a zoneinfo file using an identifier String that is both tainted and frozen. Resolves #3.
  • Support TZif3 format zoneinfo files (now produced by zic from tzcode version 2013e onwards).
  • Support using YARD to generate documentation (added a .yardopts file).
  • Ignore the +VERSION file included in the zoneinfo directory on Mac OS X.
  • Added a note to the documentation concerning 32-bit zoneinfo files (as included with Mac OS X).

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