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Open WordPress SEO

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This is a free and open-source alternative to the most popular WordPress SEO plugins in the market. It packs all the most important features and is simple to use.


Contribution is welcome. However, contact tzri before coding new features and tell what you are planning. That way they are more likely to be accepted.


The latest release can be downloaded here: zip or tar.gz.



  • Possibility to set post and page meta titles and descriptions either for any post type or specifically for individual posts.
  • Generates meta description and keywords automatically when needed.
  • Automatically creates an XML sitemap of your content.
  • Notifies Bing and Google about updates on your site.
  • Applies compression for content to speed up download times.
  • Creates Open Graph tags so your content appears correctly in Facebook.


  • Does not support WordPress Multisite installs.


  • Automatically creates an image sitemap for Bing and Google.
  • Sets canonical URLs also for tags and categories.
  • Support for custom post types.
  • Possible to set whether or not to index tags, categories, and archives.
  • Deny single pages or posts from showing up in search results.
  • Support for multiple languages, easy to translate.
  • Displays SEO status on the admin dashboard and post listings.
  • Google Analytics visitor tracking support.
  • ... and other features.

Marketing pitch

Command how you show up in search results! With Open WordPress SEO search engines find your content more easily, index your content faster, and give your site better ranking. Download your free WordPress SEO plugin today or even better - download NOW.


Download and copy the plugin folder to your plugins directory. Activate, adjust settings, and enjoy.