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A CLI Share Link Generator
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geturl - provide path. get url.

A CLI tool to get a public link for any file

Uses to store the files. It's a cool uploading tool that I've been using on my website and this is a hack on top of it.

Use Cases

  • You need a quick way to send a file to someone. Instead of attaching it to an email or starting up your FTP server, use this to get a public URL.

  • Another tool in your arsenal of scp, yousendit, and flash drives for quickly exchanging files.


You provide a path, it returns a URL

geturl path/to/file

It also tries to use pbcopy on a mac, xsel or xclip on Linux to put the url into your clipboard.


sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/geturl;
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/geturl

Enable Clipboard Access (Only necessary on Linux)

sudo apt-get install xclip

I'll submit it to brew and apt-get if enough people are interested.


It uses as a storage backend. (They have a 5000 file free limit so it shouldn't be a problem)

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