Tuebingen University's version of VuFind. Contains former versions like IxTheo, RelBib and KrimDok.
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tests Tests for hierarchical collections (vufind-org#934) Aug 31, 2017
themes Some clarifications Jan 16, 2019
util Eliminate custom console router. (vufind-org#824) Nov 9, 2016
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Vagrantfile Basic Vagrant Support (vufind-org#941) Aug 3, 2017
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clean_vufind_cache.sh vufind cache cleaning script Dec 22, 2017
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composer.lock Fork zend-servicemanager to work around bug in release. Jun 8, 2018
import-marc-auth.bat Bug fix: eliminated obsolete vufind.bat references. Aug 24, 2016
import-marc-auth.sh temporary fix for import-marc-auth.sh until it is taken over by vufin… Oct 24, 2018
import-marc.bat Use correct filename for SolrMarc jar. Jan 12, 2017
import-marc.sh Increasing solrmarc max memory Mar 1, 2018
index-alphabetic-browse.bat Fix problems with index-alphabetic-browse scripts. May 6, 2016
index-alphabetic-browse.sh index-alphabetic-browse now always changes owner of output files to s… Nov 21, 2017
index-alphabetic-browse_ixtheo.sh index-alphabetic-browse: set owner of whole out including all files t… Jan 10, 2018
install.php Smarter exception handling. Aug 23, 2017
package.json Merge pull request #311 from vufind-org/release-4.1 Jun 12, 2018
solr.bat Workarounds for CVE-2017-12629. Jan 17, 2018
solr.sh Workarounds for CVE-2017-12629. Jan 17, 2018
update_tuefind_config.sh improved code to get current directory in bash scripts Jan 11, 2018


Build Status VuFind


VuFind is an open source discovery environment for searching a collection of records. To learn more, visit https://vufind.org.


See our online installation documentation for step-by-step instructions for installing from packaged releases to popular platforms.

VuFind's packaged releases have all dependencies included. If you are installing directly from a Git checkout, you will need to load these dependencies manually using the Composer tool by running composer install from the VuFind home directory.

Documentation and Support

The VuFind community maintains a detailed wiki containing information on using and customizing the software. The VuFind website also lists sources of community and commercial support.


See our developers handbook for more information.